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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hulk-ed The Pants?

Just read ahhou's blog about hulked his pants...I actually had the same experience but not at home!! I experienced 2 times pants ripped off while I'm teaching on stage!! First time was quite long time ago at Taipan. Teaching BodyJam and the track need to bend knees and when go lower heard a sound *piak*...the pants split apart. oh no....lucky tat time I got a jacket with me...quickly grab my jacket and tie around my waist to cover it. This time was still ok and the split not that obvious. The 2nd time the worst!! Happened recently...which I don't have time to blog about it till now. I was teaching at Pavilion and lucky the members are all ladies. I was doing the Contemporary Rock track. Also need to squat. My pants is cotton type it shouldn't be tear off so easily. Mana tau....half way in the super high mood I don't notice my pants pecah until members told me!! When I looked back...oh nooooo...can see my 8 moon 15 very clearly (that time wearing g-string)!! some more behind is a mirror and the studio open to outside. Everyone can from outside. Thank god that time I'm wearing long sleeve jacket...quickly take off and cover it. I was so panic and cant even take off the jacket properly and cover my butt. Lucky members came to help me. So pai seh!!! That time got guys outside the studio and once a while look into the studio...I so worried they saw it. HOpefully not.

The thing I worry when on stage - Pants split and Fell down. Both happened to me already! sigh


zarrien08 said...

psstt.. psstt.. I did remember the Taipan one hehe.. :P

ahhou said...

Fuyoh... Next time don't bring your jacket to class la. It will be a SIGHT if that happens again...kekeke

Shirlyn said...

oh no!! u still can remember..tsk tsk

u never join my class u wont get a chance to have the beautiful sight!! kekeke...no no no...next time must remember bring jacket in the class in case incident happened :p