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Monday, August 11, 2008


Lately I'm lazy to go gym. I will be happy if the day no class. I wish to have more time for me to go home earlier to rest. Do my own stuffs. I find it very taxing when everyday having class and by the time home already 11ish pm. I have no more energy and time to do what I should do at home. There are many pending stuffs to be settled...piled up like a small mountain now. Only time I can do is weekend. But now weekend also got classes which not much left for me as well. My schedule now is only Tues and Wed no class. Happy to have these 2 days off. Will make the time to hang out with friends or home earlier. However I plan to go Hot yoga for these 2 days and if I'm continue lazy like this will become a pig. Dilemma. Meantime, I just need more more more rest. Very tired from everything. Not enough sleep everyday. Gym or no gym day still sleep late. Wonder why?? Gosh...I'm getting look tiring, mind and body tired. Need to manage my time properly so I can have more time for myself to rest! I am having neck pain...very pain. Exhausted weekend I had. Wish to have a long break....so lazy....