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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Health Problem

Lately noticed my body getting weak. Got to know from a nutritionist, I'm having liver problem that caused all my tiredness eyes, dark circles, tensions on my shoulders. I believe it cos I can feel it. Once I stopped exercise for 2-3 days and when start teaching again I have problem and feel blackout again. I felt hard to breath.

I have problem to sleep well at night. No matter how tired I am but I still can't sleep. And can't sleep long hours. These few nights even worst. Half way sleeping I can feel my legs and arms numb. Can't even move. Until I have to put a pillow to lift up my legs then only feel better. Another bad thing is I got cramp out of sudden when I stretched a little bit. The cramp pain you can't imagine. It caused me gotta pop up from bed to adjust for relieving the pain. It is so painful. I have cramp always especially from sleep. What's wrong?

My priority now is to rest more. But how? Can't even sleep well. Lack of nutritions from food. Will try to get some supplements. I wish I am staying with family that someone can take care. Anyone needs care. So do I. Even just mentally support and cares from just a call or just a msg I am satisfy.

When age catches up will have all such health problems. sigh.... my thumb still pain. It's like cripple. Can't hold things. Have to do things slowly...