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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad News

Today received a bad news from Y Fitness. First of all, they called me to inform today class will be canceled. So I thought certain reason they cancel class just for today. But then later on received a sms from the club GXC. Saying from now onwards the classes will be canceled until further notice. The club will be ceased operation and don't know when will it be... may be closed down? Sigh... My payment since June till August still haven't get yet. Will I get it? Sad... I got total 2 classes there. Monday and Thursday. Wonder those members who just signed up as member how they feel. Sure feel geram. Feel sorry for the members and sad. Hopefully it gets better soon.
So from now onwards, I'm officially free at night from Monday till Thursday! hehehe. Gotta re-plan my gym schedule and free some time for my own stuffs and enjoy and rest more. I wish to meet up my friends who long time no see. So anyone of you read this date me yeah ;)!!


pamela chan said...

i'm not going to date u ;) but glad finally u find a time for ur own... cheers

Tweets said...

Same thing happened to YogaZone but now I heard it's taken over by new management.

Shirlyn said...

yeah i will have more time for my own to hang out with old friends. some of them long time no see. and take the opportunity to rest gua...

tak tau la. said is new management but dono how true it it

MINDY said...

Wow...that doesn't sound good at all.Did you ask them when exactly you can get yr payment?

Shirlyn said...


I did ask. But no answer. So will just wait. hopefully will get the payment asap :S