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Friday, August 29, 2008

Stomach Stuffing Day

Today because of the soft launch of the project we are doing. Some of the colleagues required to be in office early. So I help buy breakfast for some of them. Then have to go office earlier also. I have to wake up early to buy the nasi lemak just outside my house..infront IMU...if not later whatever also sold out. I went there 7+am to get the nasi lemak. Already got many ppl queing. I ta bao 5 packets. The malay old guy will just lipat the paper and put the rice for you. Then you help yourself put the vege you want. I just ta bao simple one with fried egg. Took me 10 minutes to get all done and sweating. hehe. Very big packet and just cost RM1.80. I like the crunchy ikan bilis and the sambal. No wonder so many people ta bao. Just remember to eat forgot to take pic here. haha. next time show you guys. So conclusion is morning I had a very big packet of nasi lemak with egg. First meal of the day. Then following another colleague brought bao and egg tart and siew pau. I had one butter bao. Already very full. The egg tart looks nice but cant afford to eat. Thought later tea time have it.
The Egg Tart and Siew Pau...they claim nice but I didn't try at all.
Lunch - Tomoe Japanese Restaurant
No. 1, Jln SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya
**Corner shop opposite SJMC. Subang Valley Hotel downstairs...G floor and 1st floor.
Yeah...had lunch in japanese restaurant called Tomoe...in Subang Jaya. Opposite SJMC. Boss buy us lunch. hehe. First time there. It is not bad. Nice environment. 2 floors. Very quiet and good place to hang out and chit chat. Here some of the food pics.
The restuarant...Tomoe
 The bar area on upper floor
boss said this is nice and he had it. sashimi don where sashimi cut in cubes.
tempura and sushi
I had this...again...sashimi don. This is delicious...about same as ZEN. But i think here cheaper. with set RM33 but ZEN only the don RM28.
Here part of my set...it comes with vege salad, chawan mushi, miso soup, fruits
chawan mushi...very soft...but I think MOMO one nicer.
sashimi and fishroe
  Sesame ice cream...suppose look black color but with flash look like white now..
OK lunch was super full. Had the sashimi don set and half sesame ice cream. So no space for the egg tart lor. Thought no dinner la...But was teaching in Taipan just now and members ask me join for dinner. Since long time no dinner with them then joined them. Later will talk about the class in next entry.
Dinner - Daorae Korean Restaurant
Desa Sri Hartamas, Subang USJ, Kota Damansara, Puchong Bandar Puteri, Kepong.
Yeah...today like international meals...first Japanese lunch now Korean dinner. So plentiful meals hoh. 2nd time been to this restaurant also with the same group of members. They bought me dinner again. One fine day I shall buy them back. I did want to but rejected. So nice of them. They always invite me for dinner when they dine out and when I got class there. I went after bath but they didn't. Reached there seen many small plates on the table. wow...a lot leh...I had the soup, then just a bit of this and that. Vege and meats and fruits. Too full to have much. But according to them this is the nicest korean food so far in Taipan. Here the food pics.
see...so many small plates on the table...
bbq lamb...earlier bbq beef...
fried tang hoon
some kind of steam egg
Here the food whole day I consumed!! lucky tonight got a class and tomorrow whole day workshop. At least 2 classes. hopefully can shread some pounds :D....anyway food make me feel better when I'm not in a mood....