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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Feeling Now

Today is a very busy day. Rushing the document which not many ideas to write. Some more have to take care many things at the same time. I am frustrating now because gotta do something that I'm not clear and need to be done by tomorrow. Now is late already :( I'm very tired and wanna go home. My new job always made me stay up at work late. By the time I reached home already late and no time to rest as well. Once do this and that at home is already midnight. Accumulated I've lack of sleep and getting chan :(

Besides this, my heart also not feeling good. Something bothering me. Something bitter. I know it is not same and I might can't replace. I might not qualify. I didn't been thru it together. A lot of things I don't know. Feel that I'm out of the image. Not a good feel...

Still at work and I need to buy something first before I can go home. Again...late home. Always wish can home early to rest but always failed :(( No dinner yet...