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Friday, August 22, 2008

Free Make Up

Last night went to 1U parkson Kanebo counter for free make up appointment. At first don't feel like going because too far from office. But the promoter keep asking me must go and learn some make up tips. Decided go. I have a friend also go but she did her make up before me. She had a smoky eyes make up. To me I don't have heavy make up. May be I told I want something that can make my eyes glow and don't look tired. So just did a light make up. Oh by the way, the make up artist is from Japan purposely to give free make up for their new range of make up products. I'm quite satisfy with what he did for me. I learn some tips for light make up and what only suitable for me. He is quite nice to explain although his english not so well but still can understand. However I find these kind of free make up they usually don't do too heavy. What I mean is not so obvious. can't see from the photo. I do not take photo service provided by them. I brought my camera and took a photo with the makeup artist. Got home only take a close up pic. But can't see also. Never mind...learn something is good enough.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice n natural....

Shirlyn said...

it is just a very simple makeup.