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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Night

Suppose planned to go hot yoga but didn't go. Lazy. Tired. Work too much. Then Fanny asked to have dinner. So just meet her for dinner. But I made her waited me for 1 hour. I can't leave at work since alot of things urgent need to be solved. She is so nice waiting for me only order food together. We had dinner at ZEN japanese food at Sunway. The japanese food there really not bad. I had few times there before. Food delicious. Just now I had this seafood udon. Very nice and full! hehehe...so long time no eat japanese food...gave me a satisfaction.

I was crave for sashimi...so I called this. First time trying and it is super nice! Because I can have different types of sashimi with lots of wasabi and the rice superb. yummy :D
Got home had a little chat. Kena taruh ask me to bath, do housework then sleep earlier. OK lor... I did some cleaning of my room and kitchen. But already 10+ then bath and dilly dally a bit is already 12+ now! oh no... late again and can't sleep earlier :(... well...so many things to do at home where got time to sleep. sob sob. Tmrw will have late class...don't think can sleep early also..sigh... ok going to sleep soon. good night.