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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Things to Tell

1. The salsa guy called me today instead sms me. Asked me join him for tonight's salsa dance event. How come always got such thing one meh? But rejected.
2. Having headache now...and feel that getting sorethroat as well. Is it because of the rain?
3. I felt insulted.
4. Wonder why members left half way from the class?
5. Don't compare.
6. Remind myself...take it easy. At least try ok.
7. It's late now and lazy to prepare tomorrow's breakfast n lunch. May be just go out eat or mee cup.
8. Feel that I've been long time no go gym. People told me where have I been and never see me around anymore.
9. Don't lazy and go gym often? Even no class still go workout?
10. Don't eat so much. Difficult as I will eat when unhappy or stress or bored.
11. Looking for broadband services at my house area! desperately. Not TM phone line. its fiber optic by TIME ok. No streamyx. :(. what else I can use? Maxis...using and bad. Izzi...using also bad. Celcom..gotta sign contract...not sure service here. What else? Maxis ZTE modem? wired modem? or P1 WiMax? any idea?
12. Because internet connect slow...sometimes hard to blog esp upload photos. Not even say download series. snail...
13. I want watch Moonlight Resonance 家好月圓 which is hit now. Can't download. Anyone has it for me to copy?
14. Why I'm so moody and negative lately? or all these while? may be on certain aspect...
15. Want to keep SILENCE for temporary. Might not update anything here also.
16. I need more busy to stop thinking.
17. Thinking to get a Thermo Cooker...seem it's easy to use and convenient like what lulu said.
18. Hope my friends will update their blog more often so I can read. Somethings nothing to read.
19. Change hair style. 


~hushling~ said...

I'm still half way downloading the hk series. Let you know when I've the completed set. Can burn DVD for you lah...