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Monday, August 04, 2008


I had 2 weeks off in July and had a great sweet memories. Those memories will always in my memory that I'll never forget. Although not all the time I can do what I wished for. But seriously I am very satisfied what has been done. I will not expect more than that. Although during that period I hope to get more time together but I know I shouldn't demand so much. When I have limited time and I know if I don't grab the time it will be don't know when will have it again. May be because of this indirectly I made people besides me felt I'm too demanding and back off. My emotional up and down whenever I know it's limited time...I just wish to have more time and cherish every moment. Don't wish to see because of this caused problems. Feel sorry if it does.

If it is problem I need someone tell me directly. Communication without communicate is not a communication. Without a communication will never solve a problem. Claps will never happen with only one hand.

When it is sad moments I'll think of these sweet memories I had. Even just short time but I'm happy enough to have it. Sweet memories come from who you with and not where you are. Always in my mind for sure...