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Monday, August 25, 2008

Leaving me behind

Everyone doesn't like someone closed to you leaving you. So do I. I will be very very sad to see people that I love, I care, closed to leaving me for good to some where or because of certain reason. Last night got a call from sister. Knowing she confirmed leaving very soon..in 2 weeks time for good in Perth. She supposed already left a year ago but since mum is sick she is staying to take care of mum. But no matter what she has to go there to earn more money for mum's medication bills. Sad that another siblings not near to me. If anything happened also don't know who should I go for. I'm the youngest in the family and used to let my older siblings settle family stuffs. I don't have to worry. Think is time I need to do something...worry...
One thing to worry is leaving mum here without anyone taking care...donno she will discipline herself or not. After sis left will have many responsibility for me to do...buy medicine, pay bills etc. Too bad I have no time to bring mum for chemo...need to work..sis will have plan for this.
I need family supports...need someone closed to around when need them...need more concerns from people around me...think I demand too much...sob sob...