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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Just Food

1. Kippin Shabu Shabu, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. 30 Jul 2008

Had this with my crazie friends. 3 of us had all these! hehe. we were so full. We enjoyed the food. It's nice. This shop is one of my friend's friend open one. only 1 week old. The food quality good. I like the soup and the sauce. We ordered 3-4 persons set at RM88.80 and some side dishes. Total Rm110+.
These are the the food we had. A lot? hehe
Closer look of some of the dishesThe seafood and mushroomsI love the balls. One of the type is prawn one. Nice. The sauce they have. 2 types. one of it is satay sauce taste (on the left) but I like the right one. More spicy.I had the porridge soup. My friend had chicken soup. Both nice. The chicken soup enough taste. But with porridge different. First time I had porridge soup steamboat. Like it. They have Tom Yum as well but we didn't order.
The shop's name - Kippin Shabu Shabu

2. Wan Tan Mee, Old Klang Road. Near Kuchai Lama. 28 July 2008.
Nice wan tan mee. It's quite well known. I got to know this many years ago. And my friend once a while will have this. Below is the dumpling. Their dumpling big and full of fillings. Only 80 cents per pcs.

Duck mee, Kota Kemuning.

I seldom go out lunch. But there was one day colleagues said the duck mee very nice and famous. So I just follow them to try it. No regret. It is duck leg chinese medicine soup. I had mee soup. They sell dry mee and separate with the stew soup. You also can choose eat with rice. But I recon try the mee. Their mee super tasty. I like. Small RM6.50 Big 7.50.
Cinnamon, buffet dinner @ One World Hotel. 23 July 2008.

I've blogged about this restaurant. But this time I took more pictures of the food and wanted to show here. The buffet cost RM80++ per person. Not all are great. But they are still good to be mentioned.
Salad bar and all sorts of appetizers. This round I don't try at all.
Sashimi, sushi and seafood section. Definitely one of my favorite section that I must go. Love the sashimi, oysters and the rest.Some local delicacies. Satay etc, chicken rice, rendang etc. Which I didn't try at all. Wonder good or not.
Western section. Salmon, beef, lamb, grilled veges. All nice. Besides this is pasta section with 2 types of soups. I tried both and really delicious. Especially the mushroom soup full of mushroom taste. Nah...not like those from campbell mushroom soup k.Tempura and fried seafood section. Only been to this section for a look for this round. Last time didn't know about this. But no try.Dim sum, soup section, Luk Luk section. Tried both types of braised soup. Delicious. Dim sum no try. But heard friends said so so only.Desserts section. As usual there is a choc fountain. Didn't really try the desserts. Some of it tried by friends and kena complaint. May be not a wise to fancy it.Fruits, bun and ABC section. The buns are so hard. But the cheese nice. Wanted try ABC but too full at that time.
Teoh Chew style chicken rice/porridge, Kok Kok Kai @ Jalan Pudu
Remember that day is after tuition at Pavilion. Then we head to this shop call Kok Kok Kai. Heard friends said and it was my first time try the food. Seriously it is good. Whatever showed in the pics below are nice. They serve porridge or rice that you can choose. I had porridge. Especially love the sour vege soup.
Chou Tau Fu & Chicken Wings, Sri Petaling Pasar Malam every Tuesday
I don't remember how long I didn't jalan pasar malam until last month (don't remember) which Tuesday I no longer got class and this pasar malam in Sri Petaling is on Tuesday. Used to jalan with my gang one. So since no class on Tuesday and feel like going...Been there consecutive 2 weeks. And every time there sure que up to buy this Smelly Tauhu (Chou Tau Fu). RM3 for 5 pcs. Nice with the sauce and its crunchy. Next surely I'll buy is the chicken wings showed below. It is Nam Yu chicken wings (is kind of marinate method). RM4 for 3 pcs. Yummy! I can say shop at pasar malam is even much much expensive than anywhere else. Not economy at all :D

I do enjoy food. And enjoy having delicious food with friends. Imagine so many food I tried and is believable I can gain weight easily. Yeah..I get fat easy even just eat one bowl of mee or drink lots of water or any drinks. Think because is the age catch up and extremely low metabolism I have. Yes...I know I'm fat...don't mention so many times. Thought I don't wish can enjoy the food and keep slim body? Everyone wishes for as well. It's annoying when I can't and feeling sad deeply in my heart. The only thing can do is after enjoyed have to work double or triple time harder at gym. It's not easy...pathetic...


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