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Friday, August 22, 2008


It's been lazy week for me. Lazy means? not going to gym lor. I have no class on Mon-Thurs. So I take this opportunity to go home earlier. Rest? no rest also. Sleep early also don't have. hehe. Well I just lazy go to gym la. So u know la..been resting 4 days and today taught a class...can imagine how lembik my stamina. Lucky no faint. Still manage to finish whole class. Oh I was talking about body step class. BStep if don't do or teach regularly it is hard to maintain the stamina one. Once a while I just do replacement and I don't have time or lazy join other BStep classes. hehe. Imagine one engine already cool down for days...whatever also slow down. Out of sudden it runs again and push to the max speed. It still cant pick up. Needs time to warm up. Now my body is like this lor...cool down for few days start up engine again during weekend. Aiks...difficult. Need to maintain stamina...but have to kick out my laziness to go gym. Will see how next week. hehe. May be my work been busy and too much concentration. Mentally so tired. Plus I didn't sleep much. Cause me no mood to go gym. Some more I have to work till quite late. Don't want go gym and end up home late and sleep late again. (by the way even I home early also sleep late...oooppppssss) oh no...getting fat and lembik. die die die...