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Monday, August 25, 2008

Take it easy

Take it easy? how much I can do so? Can I take things easily? Can you take things easily? Sometimes said is easy but really do it is very difficult. As I am typing this entry...actually I have many things wanted to tell. But not sure how to write...trying now...the thoughts been bothering for some time...
I am trying take it easy on everything. In actual fact there are many things I'm unhappy with. But I look at it easy and try not to affect my mood. I tried and it helps. But in deep of my feeling actually sad about it. Lost my motivation and passion to continue...because of all these results. You think I am happy which I didn't show my unhappiness? Answer is NO. I am just trying hard to forget unhappiness and be a happy person. Take it easy... worst come to worst just leave it. Move on to something else in life.
To someone that I care..I love...I wish you take it easy on your unhappiness. Whatever it happened, there are solutions. Look at different perspective will be always a brighter side. I am not sure you heard it or even read my blog. Hope you did. I just want you happy. Take it easy.
I wish once a while someone that I love I care will send me a regards. Just a simple regards will brighten my day. Not an over request...can I have it? I don't have such luck to have all these simple things in life. Just simple questions like how's mum? how's work? how's everything? that shows you care. How I wish....