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Monday, August 18, 2008


As you guys know I have no class from Mon-Thurs from this week onwards. I can actually go home rest and chance to sleep earlier. But in my mind now is thinking what can do to fulfill all my free time!! Gosh...am I naughty? haha. Cannot discipline myself. Every time wanted to hang outside instead stay at home. May be I don't want to waste any seconds gua. May be used to late night sleep gua. Oh noooo...cannot be like this. Must discipline myself!! Can I? I have many things in my list wish to do. I wish to hang out with friends watch movie, dinner, catch up. May be do it later..not these few days la.
I was telling myself sleep early on Sunday. But then even later than usual! it is 2am ok. damn. Yesterday was out whole day. At night dinner at PJ with friends and then go mamak yum char to watch badminton single final. Reached home 10pm then prepare breakfast and lunch and also stay online!! I can't resist not to stay close to my pc!! That's it...until 2am. Saturday night also same...slept at 2am wake up early next day for class. Also whole day out. After class went shopping a bit at pavilion, then completed a mission, then meet old closed friends for dinner, then visit friend's house chit chat till 10pm again. Did some house chores and online again! so no discipline....so not like me....haha