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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pamper Myself

Sunday will be my relax day. Although I have class in the morning. After the class I went massage for an hour and half. whole body and reflexology massage. Relax. It's been long since last massage. My shoulders and back super tense. I plan to go every Sunday. Lots of tension on shoulders from work. Lots of tension on legs from gym. In need of massage. next time plan 2 hours :p time to pamper myself since no one pamper me. sob sob.
Nowadays trying to keep myself stay healthy. Hopefully can. Taking daily supplements. and also doing facial every 3 weeks. Trying to cook own food. I need time and efforts to re-adjust my body weakness. Hopefully can see results soon. One most important thing is sleep more, which still fail at the moment.
Another thing is to keep my mind and soul stay in calm. May be join more yoga will help. I wish not to think too much. Trying to keep myself busy to avoid thinking. It is hard. Try my best I wish.


Su-Yee said...

all the best ya babe. me too try to relax and sleep well:)

zarrien08 said...

Wah.. Bestnyer.. hehe.. hope your life will be happier & healthier after this :) Chaiyo Chaiyo!! Go Girl!!