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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sound Pollution

Currently I am working base in customer office on project basis. My customer is in subang hi-tech, shah alam. So as a vendor we've been located to an office with desks and chairs for us to work with their staffs. Ok cut short what I want to tell here. Previously only us located in this office floor. But then lately few more vendors from different company also located here. There is one of these vendor sit next door to our team (lucky is cubicles can't see their faces). Their staffs all men. First annoying part is some of them conquered the seat which my colleagues used to sit there. Made my colleagues gotta move to different place. Second most annoying part is they all talk in the phone very LOUD. Like bargain with people in the pasar! Until the whole floor can hear very clearly. I think people downstairs also can hear! Not one but many of them same. Wonder are they deaf? Since they are here we can't concentrate on work. So noisy.
Just now my colleague very hilarious...out of sudden heard she talk on the phone so loud. I thought what's wrong. Later found out she purposely talk loud as what those guys did. kakaka. Some more said something that hint those moron people talk loud will disturb people. Wonder those stupid people will understand or not. But what I know they still talk so loud and very noisy there. deng. I should have go get some poisons put in their water and mute them kau kau!!


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Waaa...*evil* ;p

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