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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Family Dinner

26 July 2008 Family Dinner, Taman AST, Seremban.

Due to I have demos @ Pavilion on that day and only can be late home late. Whole family was waiting for me. I arrived Seremban around 8:45pm. It was a rushing day for me. This round the family dinner really a total whole family. Father, Mother, eldest sis and her family 4 of them, 2nd sis and her family came back holiday from Perth just for 1 week, 3rd sis and her husband..soon they are migrating to Perth as well, brother came back from Jakarta...he sent to there to work for 1 year and just being sent over, and myself. It is very seldom got such chance to have everybody together. I'm glad to see this. I always wish to have everybody together but it is hard to have now. Since young, we seldom have family reunion together...may be when I'm still very young got but not when I grown up. May be is my age gap with siblings and everyone started to have own family. I brought camera thought to have family photo. But too bad didn't manage to take it :(( very sad. Wonder when can it takes again...

Here the food photos taken from the restaurant we went.
Medicine chicken (Yok Choy Kai). The chicken very soft and the medicine taste heavy. I like to drink the soup. Very delicious dish.

Onion Fish Fillet . Delicious dish also.

Duck. Good as well. Heard sis said in perth one duck cost AUD 30+ its expensive leh.

Vege..fan shu miu. We had 2 plates fried in 2 different style. I love to eat this vege. Last time mum said they plant this vege themselve.

Kung Po Gou Lou Yuk. My sis kids like to eat gou lou yuk. I also like.

This is one of the famous dish in this shop. Fish head meehoon. In seremban this dish started famous was from one restaurant in Sikamat. But this restaurant has good fish head meehoon also. The soup nice. Got fish balls as well.

Marmite Crab. The dish we will definitely call when come to this restaurant. One of the crab I like. In July I had 3 times of crabs. Each time different taste. Great. Below is the sauce for the crab. Nice sauce.Although can't take whole family pic but I still wanted to have a pic with sis from Perth and mum. My mum said dont want at first but sis told will not show anyone. But I have to say sorry to Mum...cos I'm showing it here. I find mum is looking good. Here with my 2nd sis and 3rd sis and mum pic. Taken the pic the night before I leaving back to KL. Soon both sis leaving here and leaving mum and dad alone at home. That night I cried for my mum bcos knowing she is stubborn on eating habit. Currently 3rd sis cook for her. Worried after she left mum will just simply cook for herself. She did say that she just cook as normal. Mum never has health conscious in her mind. I so worried. If she has no discipline to take care herself how would it be?

Sorry guys...gotta take out the pic...I really look terrible :(((

I look so tired. yeah I am. Mum is getting skinnier and smaller size. But great to see her still ok. Hope she is getting better. According to doctor her cancer cells lesser. Pray for her and wish everyone stay healthy.


Daphne Yeoh said...

wahhhhhh..yam yam, next time bring me go there and eat...:P

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your mum's getting better