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Monday, August 18, 2008


It is quite boring that nothing to do after work. Tonight I stayed up at office till 8pm. Then home and cook dinner. Watch a bit series then that's it. Already 10pm. So fast. Is like do nothing and I am lazy and tired to move. Pending house chores to complete yet lazy. Sleepy but yet wanna go to sleep. Just stick myself infront of pc. Too addicted to stay 24 hours infront pc. Damn. Online no friends around to chat with. Nothing to chat also. The one I wish to chat with never online anymore. Even if online also not chat with me. Don't know what is going on. Everyday chat also sien...nothing to chat already. But how only can maintain good relationship virtually? Don't know. Don't wanna think. My brain shut down already. Think soon go prepare tomorrow's lunch and bath and go sleep better. Will I sleep early? don't know also...
boringggggggggggggg..........wahhhh really boring if just work and home.....should  kick my ass back to gym more often!!!


Anonymous said...

You're bored??Wait till u stay in Perth.Every damn shopping mall closes at 5.30pm sharp except on thursdays!

Shirlyn said...

this one i know!!! Perth really sien one. shopping mall close early. only thursday nite shopping nite. so in perth u really need lots of friends to hang out!!!

if for me alone there i sure bored to death!! kekeke