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Monday, August 11, 2008

My Sunday

The day start with class @ taipan. Sunday class usually my favorite class because mostly regulars and I can do all the way non-stop and some will have responses. Can say more interesting class compare to other day at other club. After class straight went to 1U Neway Karaoke. Joining some high school friends for lunch and K. Basically I just had lunch and sing few songs but not on my own. I don't sing anymore because I don't know any new chinese song anymore. It's been some time no listen chinese songs. Feel so outdated and can't sing...sigh.
5 of us in karaoke. They sing alot. Kaki Karaoke. Not me :p

After Karaoke finished at 7ish pm then we head to dinner. Siu Siu Restaurant (which I remember I blog about it before) near Taman Seputeh. Had a great dinner and night out with old friends. Some of them knew since primary standard 1. We talked about old school time. Anything we can chat and laugh. Receive an wedding reserved time from one of the friend. Happy for him at last get married after 10 years dating. Will be going for their ROM ceremony in KL tower soon. But it is on weekday so gotta try to leave work earlier.
6 of us old high school friends. Once a while we will have gathering for such small group. There should be more joining but due to some not able to join for this time outing. Can imagine some of us knew 20+ years. Like the pic color coordinations. So colorful and nice.
Group pic including kopi's fiancee. All pretty smile faces.

These are the food we had. Super full. The food was quite ok. Price not sure is it cheap. Total bill 300+ 240.

marmite chicken

Char siew & siew yuk

2 styles of kailan

Salted Egg Fried Sotong

Asam & spicy fish

Chili Crab

Fried bun

Other food:
Last night went dinner with a friend just near by at kuchai lama. Not a special place but the food quite nice. I had tom yum meehoon and share with friend for tang hoon salad. Both from a thai stall in a chinese hawker center. Very nice and the ingredients lot. Like the tom yum soup. sour and spicy. Tom Yum RM7 and the salad RM6. Price reasonable with the food they put in.


zarrien08 said...

Of course la Sunday class syok!! Coz we all 'hantu' bodyjam maa!! hehehe..

Shirlyn said...

yalor...lucky got u guys there to make the class syiok!! hehe