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Sunday, August 03, 2008


It is breaking time. I do thought of letting go. But think about it...been thru so many things got me to this stage. I don't want just let it be a waste. I've got shut off not only once but twice. It hurts. I know I'm not as expected. I am nothing to anyone. I'm just an ordinary woman that wishes to get loves. I'll try my best to reach the par. Although I still no confidence on myself. Lack of confidence will kill everything. But I'm telling myself to hold on it. If you ever let go you would have not know what is going on in future. Don't simply give up. Yes, that is right. I don't want let go just like this. I've worked on it with my best heart. I do things with full of hearts...it should be the way. But learning to be balanced. Not everything do with hearts. You should be rational...do things with brain as well. It is still a learning curve for me to get what I want. Treat it as cooling period. Break for anyone. I believe if the time is right and as long as with hearts. Things will be better and you will get what you wished for. Yeah...I'm praying for it. And I'll be waiting for it. Patience, be tough, be strong, don't give up.