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Friday, August 08, 2008


This afternoon lunch I went out with all colleagues and we had lunch at bowling alley in Sunway pyramid then we go for 1 game of bowling. One of the colleague organize this and we all plan for it since yesterday. Suppose they said want to have bowling then karaoke. But then only afternoon available so we call off few hours for this outing. Since today is special day. They said next week go for another game such as archery. Or bowling again? And for Karaoke session will be arranged after work. Not sure yet. Good to have such events so I can hang out more with colleagues. Earlier I feel left out and not so close to them..but then with more interactions at work and hang out lunch some time getting better. Usually I don't go out lunch. Once a while only go out with them. Good also to have more chances get to know each other. However I lazy go lunch la...waste time to drive out. hehe. But today had fun and since many years I don't play bowling already! Used to be very good but now ar...si la. haha. I brought my bowling ball but kept in my car. Didn't bring for the game. Just play for fun don bother to bring. However not used to the in house balls...thumb pain. But my average still there la...ok ok la. hehe. I got the highest scores leh. Don't play play. :)