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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it true?

Last night was teaching at Y Fitness. After class took a rest and do some training. A friend taught me how to do freeze, the basic one first la. with hands and head support to lift up legs. So I was practicing it near the sofas area. Then got this guy talked to me. He looks age 30+ and got a big fat tummy. Then he got to know I am instructor and he introduced himself as well. He is from Canada came to Malaysia to open a dance school branch. He gave me his name card. He is teaching salsa, cha cha, yoga etc...He is in the midst of opening the studio but yet to open due to rental problem. He said currently teaching by to student's house. I was shock such a big tummy guy can teach dancing...he shows me some moves...very hiao. Then he asked me since my english is good why not teach in canada? I was huh?! I am not qualified. He told me teaching in Canada better earnings. He told me he has 1 class in 1 club and monthly income is 4000. And he got 3 classes in 3 different clubs so total income per month will be 12000. Some more told me he was restaurant owners, fashion designer. He used to have a fashion show in KL and very successful. He helped 2 models to become catalogue models in Canada and became famous blah blah blah...

All these not sure can be trusted or not. I don't mind make a new friend. But true or not of what he told me....never bother to find out. But if is true...he said will teach me some moves when meet him again in the gym. Not bad also to have free lessons. hehe. Currently thinking to learn some dance esp salsa.


ahhou said...

How come I didn't see this guy in the gym? Next time count me in ya, I want some free dance lessons too!

Shirlyn said...

Just met him once on monday night. see if thursday is he around or not. hehe