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Thursday, August 21, 2008

ROM @ KL Tower

Last night off work a bit earlier to attend a good friend's ROM (register of marriage) at KL Tower.  Yesterday was a good date 20.08.2008. 2nd time up to KL tower and first time got such event there. Reached at 5pm. Suppose the ceremony starts at 6pm at open deck view area. However last night not really a good weather. It rained. So have a contingency plan which move the ceremony to indoor. We have waited and waited until around 7+ or 8pm only starts. Reason....the person who swear n oath for marriage (what is this person call?) caught in traffic jam and super late! However lucky the process pretty fast. The groom so ying jai the bride so pretty. I'm so touch with the groom's speech. Knowing he will be a very good husband to the wife and very loving couple. by the way the groom is my friend. He invited most of his high school friends including us a gang of peeps hang out for karaoke or makan-makan. We all were so hungry till the ceremony finished then can move on for refreshment...but we call it as dinner. Quite a full course food there. However the food already cold. When announced can proceed makan we all quickly go queue up for it! hahaa. After makan of course is photo session. Oh by the way...while waiting for the ceremony to start we were already cam whoring around. kakaka. Everywhere every pose. After eat even take more pics. of course most with the couples. First took pic in the indoor venue and also a big group pic. Then later we proceed to open view deck...yeah the rain stopped but floor wet. But then we can have a very clear view of whole KL. Of course not less of taking leng leng pics lor. kekeke. That night so many pro photographer with pro cameras wor. Some more got videographer. Can't imagine our silly actions all in the video and photos. haha.
I just took few pics with my phone. The rest with those pro photographer for sure. Gotta wait for the photos. Hopefully can see it soon and post up here.
DLG partial group members. We got nothing to do but just take pics.
The ceremony is on going. We were there just witness. 
The groom giving speech. And gave the bride a very beautiful bouquet. 
 The bouquet of 99 roses. Beautiful. and its heavy as well.
A bottle with KL tower shape given away to the guests. Cute bottle. 
The food. Those food ok was fried mee, fried chicken, vege, taufu, sausage. nothing special. just a refreshment. got desserts, bread, soup, salad, fruits also.