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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bangkok Trip (Outdated Post)

Bangkok Trip 14-18 May 2008. I know this is outdated one but wanna share what I've done and what I've eaten during the trip. This is my 3rd trip to bkk. I can go there more often since my buddy Clement working there. After seeing some pics from other friends been there and also my own pics...I feel like going again...may be get the AA free tix offering now? Anyone interested? OK...this will be a long entry for all the days...many photos. I don't want separate it. Slowly read bah...
DAY 1 (Departure Day and Arrival in BKK)
Departed around 4ish in the afternoon. A night before went back Seremban because sister sent me to airport. If not no one sends. hehe. Arrived airport around 5ish bangkok time. That time raining. I took an airport taxi to Clement's house while he is working. We've arranged how to get his house key. Not a pleasant road trip with the lousy taxi diver! The driver driving skill superb lousy...break very much and he doesnt know how to drive. It was raining and super traffic jam. He doesn't know how to queue on faster lane. I almost want to puke sitting in there. He made me sick. Took about 2 hours to reach clement's place. I was in rush to put down luggage and pack my gym clothes. I've gotta meet Clement in Siam Paragon food court for a small bite then go for a BodyJam class in California Fitness. First time ever enter to California..not once in Malaysia too. The instructor is ok but spoke in Thai! how am I know what she is talking? Lucky I know the track la. I just shock sendiri do it without hearing her cues. haha. Others members said we are good...of course la..jam instructor mar. hiak. After class hang around the gym...I did some cardio waves and other running and in the mean time checking any leng chais :p
All done already 10+pm. Super hungry. While going to the destination for dinner/supper...bought some of these from the street.
  Small round short sausages...it tastes sourish a bit. It suppose ate together with this small cucumber and mango. Not bad la. Still acceptable. Price forgotten.

Then we took a cab to somewhere to have some Thai local foods. Don't know where it is. I believe everywhere also got the same thing gua. It was 10+pm still got many people having their meals there. Saw others having mini steamboat. (I notice Thais can eat a lot). We did not eat steamboat. Just call some dishes as below.
Some kind of raw veges...wonder for what? May be serve for the steamboat?
Fried fish. It looks like a birdnest to me. hehe. 1 big piece. Crunchy. Taste good.
I think is mango salad. Can't remember. nice also
Fried kerang with nice sauce. For those kerang lover is nice dish.
Love this tom yum soup. sour and spicy. yum yum.
 Fried porky :D. Yummy also.
Had satisfied meal for the day. Ate so much in the late night some more. Then we head home and rest. What a tiring day for me.
DAY 2: (Free and Easy)
Clement has to work. I gotta free and easy on my own la. Was planned to go Platinum to purchase some clothes stocks. Went down to the mini market grab some breakie. Before Platinum destaination, I went to another place suppose look for eye lashes extension but end up din do it. But I did nail arts instead! hehe.
 My second time ever try nail art. Compared to first time this is much cheaper. But of course quality not as good and the service simple la. I put on false nails as well. First time with false nails. But regret!! So difficult to take it off and my original nails spoiled terribly. Swear...no next time.
Shopped at Platinum for almost whole day. 5-6 hours should have. This round I shopped floor by floor. Last time went there with short period unable to shop all the floors. There are 6 floors there and each floor sells different things. I started with lower floor and slowly climb up to 3 floor the max on the day...imagine so many things to see to buy. Spent most of my money and left some for dinner later. hehe. Bought too many and carry those stuffs very heavy yoh. From Platinum walked to Central World...quite a distance. I hang around at Central World while waiting Clement finished his Thai Language class. Whole day shopping didn't eat much. Muched some snacks only. So decided to go to McD while waiting time to pass to meet Clement at Siam Paragon. Been told McD there got pork burger. So went and try. It is really nice.
McD Pork burger...taste good
I actually had an instinct Clement want's to go to MOS burger in Siam Paragon. Why earlier I chose McD between MOS and McD because I guess he wants to try MOS. I am right about it. After an hour I ate McD I met Clement and we had MOS burger. Another round of burger I had. haha. Don't care la. Super hungry and try out different burgers mar.
I had this beef burger. With the nice fries.
Clement had this chicken terriyaki burger if not mistaken.
With salads. Too full to finish. Keep it for tomorrow's breakfast.
 I had ice lemon tea, clement had teh.
After dinner thought of go for massage but the massage place we wanted to go closed. So Clement brought me to SiLom for Agogo show. It is guys one. According to Clement, some of them are gays. We sat infront the stage had a drink and watched the guys modelling infront of us. They are waiting see if anyone called them for service. Some guys good looking some not. Some with nice body some not. hehe just right infront me is the shower room. Later the show 3 guys naked taking shower inside there. ngek ngek ngek...I can see clearly. But nothing also la. See 3 of them play together. A bit bored but at least an experience. My first time yoh. Went home after an hour show. Another day gone.
DAY 3: (Free and Easy again)
Clement went to work. I had the salad for breakfast. Then get myself prepare to go out. My first destination is 4 faces buddha to pray for my mum. Then to Platinum the Fashion Mall again to finish up the rest of the floors I havent visit. Took a cab to near by BTS and took a train to station near 4 faces buddha..I think is Chit Lom station. But have to walk pedestrian bridge connected to major shopping malls.
The Saphan Kwai BTS nearest to where I stayed.
Four Faces Buddha. I did some pray here. Wished my mum gets better and also pray for my family and friends. also for my own :)
 Saw this two different god last night infront Central World shopping mall. Decided come back to take photos on the way walking to Platinum. On the left is the god for love. Can see many roses infront. Of course I prayed wished to have one love life as well. On the right is a god basically wish for everything. So I just wished for everyone on everything!

Finished praying then continue shopping. Same thing...shopped a lot and walked a lot. Then at night meet Clement at Ari for dinner. We went to this place.
Greyhound Cafe
A very nice ambience. Decor also simple and nice. Can see many ppl having dinner here.
Everyone serves with a bun and cheese before the meals come.
Greyhound Famous Fried Chicken Wings 95B
- Deep fried marinated mini chicken wings in fish sauce
I love this! I'm chicken wings lover. It is crunchy and tasty.
Italian Clam & Mussel Soup 190B
- Cooked with fresh clams and mussels with lots of tomatoes and basil leaves
Taste good as well.
Spaghetti Cha Cha Cha 250B
- Ink Spaghetti with shrimps and scallops stir-fried with Italian basil leaves, green pepper and chilies.
A heavy taste spaghetti. A bit spicy. Lots of pepper. But taste good as well.
Gratin Sea Bass 230B
- Served on mashed potato bed along with side salad
Yummy....sea bass good and love mashed potato.
My drink - Iced Lemon Tea. The ice cubes also made by Iced Lemon Tea one...nice drink. I think it is one of the specialty drink there.
That's all the food we had. A lot? Satisfied meal. Total bill 1111B. This is a dinner treat for Clement's birthday on behalf of the group in KL. I'm lucky enough can taste the food. :D After dinner hop in a shop next door for dessert.
iberry...the dessert shop next to Greyhound Cafe.
We wanted go here because saw the interior decor special and quite many ppl there. We had these..sorbet, icecreams and strawberry cake. extremely full....
 The counter...and some wall painting. The shop has sofas and comfy environment.
Below are the walls decoration in this shop. very unique. simple and nice.
Isn't they are beautiful? artistic..
DAY 4: (iPhone Day)
Aiya...all Clement fault la (hehe blame him pula)...because of he got the iPhone and I played with it...then fall in love with this phone! So decided to go buy it today lor. We went out together and head to MBK for the purpose. Half way in the train only I realized I tak bawa my credit card...kept in my wallet at home. haha. So gotta use his one to pay for me first. Before we start our hunting...we had our brunch here.
OiShi Ramen in MBK
Clement had fried Ramen. Taste good.
Gyoza. Comes with the fried ramen in one set.
 I had this bento set. A lot and yummy. Like to eat jap bento.

Done with our tummy then proceed scouting the cheapest iPhone. Wow...the whole floor IT and handphones stores. Many and updated. Every where iPhone and its accessories. Went back to the shop where clement bought his. bargain and got the price we are ok. Let them installed whatever inside. That time I was new to iPhone. Didn't know all the applications I can download on my own. That time I paid them to put in the apps for me. stupid me. But nvm la..is a lesson. We were there whole afternoon. Around 5-6pm we go to Chatuchak for a walk. I need to search requested items from friends. No luck at all. Whenever in Chatuchak I will have this coconut shake where the shop next to the train station.
yummy coconut shake

After walk around Chatuchak but didn't buy anything. I wonder why I dont feel like buying anything in Chatuchak. Then we thought go for a steamboat & bbq buffet dinner. I didn't know it is far away. At the time we trying to get a cab to go is soooo difficult. peak hour I assume. At last got a cab driver drive us there but end up at a wrong place! Misunderstand from the cab driver. kanasai. don't know please don't say know la. Alamak. I realized cab driver there some really donno the routes one!! Made us waste the time and energy. Because later we have to go clubbing. So we gotta be home earlier to rest a while only go out. So in the end we decided to have chinese food a next street from Clemen't house. It is an old restaurant along the street. But the food delicious. Best thing is there also can wifi!! haha. I was eating and chatting in msn with my new toy - iPhone! cool huh...and later I found I can even surf net in the cab! can get wifi easily everywhere.
Bittergourd chicken soup
Steam sour and spicy cuttlefish
Nam Yu Pai Guat (Nam Yu porkribs)
steam fish

All dishes well cooked. Especially like the cuttlefish. sour and spicy mar. hehe. The fish also yum yum. May be also because too tired and hungry bah. After dinner we walked back home. Rest a while. I unpacked things I bought and re-pack to see how to fit in my luggage. Then prepare to see what to wear for clubbing. I was actually tired but wanted to go the club again. Another night gone with tiring body dragged home. haha.

DAY 5: (Last Day Shopping)
Last day to do all the shopping. In fact nothing much to buy anymore. Just walk around. Clement has to meet his ex colleagues also just came to bkk. So both of us go to the hotel they stay which located at Ari. According to Clement this hotel quite ok and cheap. It is call My House hotel and the rate is around 70-100 RM.
The hotel room. This is new renovated room.
His friends wanna go Chatuchak so we all together go there in one cab. 5 of us. Had breakfast in one of the restaurant inside there.
The restaurant interior 
Pineapple rice. which I had. 
Clement had this. 
the coconut drink. not as good as the one earlier mentioned. 
a weird dessert. not nice at all. 
clement's friend meal. looks good.
After breakfast we walk together for a while...after that I split with them and walk alone by myself. Last time I don't dare walk alone in Bangkok especially chatuchak. But since past few days walked alone in bangkok already familiar with it. And its 2nd day to chatuchak. so no fear anymore. I just want to walk around and see all stalls inside. Below are the things I saw while shop in there.
Some decor stuffs..hope can buy these for new house. cheap and nice leh. 
right side: my favourite chicken wings. same as the one in Greyhound cafe. got big and small wings. I bought 2 types while walking while eating. 
bought some of these sausages...delicious 
I had many bottles of this orange juice. It is sweet and good taste. 
Thai really can think of many ideas to sell things. See this...put a coconut icecream in coconut shell. Yummy
cute puppies...in chatuchak whatever also got sell. 
After walked few hours till mid afternoon then me went home to have last minute packing. Leaving in the evening. Before leaving had dinner just downstairs the condo.
congee...beef noodle...sorbet 
the cafe..british style
Good Bye Bangkok.


paupau said...

wahhhh!!! lots of eating n eating n eating n eating. so where is the best place to shop for girlie stuff??

Shirlyn said...

yalor...just eat n eat...until so fat!! kakaka
for girlie stuffs shopping ar... go to Platinum the fahion Mall...here alot of wholesales stuffs..cheap. wat u want are all here. I only shop here already spent 2-3k lor.
Then u can go MBK...also gadgets in here and baju.
Central World, Siam Paragon more higher class items. But nice.

pamela chan said...

wah... so wanted to go eat there.... haven't been to bangkok leh...

Shirlyn said...

go go go...a must go place. enjoy the shopping and eating there!! hehehe