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Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I want to tell

1. Last night bitten my own lips for 3 times while eating dinner at home. Same spot same time. ouch!
2. My left thumb still hurt after more than 4 weeks. Need to see doctor.
3. The guy I met in YF claimed he is dance teacher still sms me ask me go to salsa events for few times and ask how am I. But I ignored. Regret gave my number to him.
4. My both breast pain for weeks. When press on it feel hard and very pain. Worrying... I should have go see doctor but yet to have time. Works not allow to take MC yet. :(
5. Works busy but I'm happy and able to handle it. Enjoying it in fact. May be more concentration at work is better.
6. Getting bored to teach classes. Also lazy to go gym. But need to go hot yoga tomorrow night no matter what.
7. The true fact that I don't sleep early! Even I have time at home still stubborn to sleep. May be I don't want waste any time. But I need sleep!!
8. Trying to cook meals at home. I brought breakfast and lunch to office. If at night go home from work then will cook dinner. What a lonely nights I have. It is tiring to cook at home. The groceries cost bomb!! grrrr
9. Petrol price reduced but not much different compare to previous. May be just few bucks cheaper.
10. Learn to let go, learn to ignore, learn to take it easy....enjoy the life. I might not live long...who knows...
many more...till I thought of it...


~hushling~ said...

Take good care of yourself. Don't wait until too late to see doctor.

Audrey Lau said...

re: breast pain
Maybe due to menses is near. Good to have a checkup if you have any concern.

Cheers! Take care!